About HTP Investments

Following on their investment activities dating back to 1990, Wim de Pundert and Klaas Meertens partnered in HTP Investments in 2008. HTP Investments is a Dutch investment company specialised in acquiring majority stakes and managing businesses with a compelling value/growth proposition, as well as taking minority positions in high growth, tech-enabled companies.

HTP Investments plays an active role with a hands-on approach of our managing partners and investment team. We work with the management teams of our portfolio companies in developing the businesses by participating in strategic decision-making and extending our expertise, experience and financial strength to support their initiatives. We have a comprehensive and proven track record in various sectors, managing mature companies towards further growth, helping weaker companies get back on track, or providing strategic and capital support to high growth late-stage ventures.

HTP Investments acts as a family-run business rather than a private equity fund and invests the funds of its managing partners. These have been built up by entrepreneurship, strategic vision, commitment and perseverance and these values continue to be a key part of our investment philosophy.

Our investment strategy emphasizes value creation. We focus on the performance of our portfolio companies and aim to tailor results-oriented solutions to create real and lasting value. This approach includes engaging our extensive global network of management and industry experts. Our prudent approach to capital structure is fully In line with our long-term focus and based on our awareness of the wider responsibilities we and our portfolio companies carry.

We act fast and in a very flexible manner based on our unique background and the absence of any formal restrictions regarding our investments, including with respect to the period over which our portfolio companies are held.